In an episode that aired in early May, the Hausa Family led by Mr Williams and Madam Victoria explained that Sophia needed a fresh environment to recuperate.

The family thus migrated from their Ksh150 million mansion in Nairobi’s Runda to allow for the recuperation.

However, the real reason behind the decision by Jiffy Pictures, (owned by Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla) was that the lavish home was put up for sale by the owners.

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Savi Empire, a real estate company in Kenya was tasked with selling the lavish home, which they estimated to be worth about Ksh150 million. 

“The property is well fitted with the best architectural work. Enjoying the lone and private environment,” the company describes the property on social media. 

A source familiar with the relocation confirmed that they had indeed moved out and had already filmed the new episodes at their new location.

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Brian Ogana (Luwi), Tina Njambi (Lona) and Yasmin Said (Maria) were among occupants who were housed by Mr William in their old house.

The Runda mansion comprised of five bedrooms, all ensuite, had two elegant living rooms with a fireplace.

Mr William’s house also had a guard’s cabin and a large family room.

Tina Njmabi (Lona) the endeared actress and her colleagues also enjoyed two fully-fitted kitchens with paltry and a washing machine.


The set up portrays how lavish a life Mr William lives on set.