Private fuel transporters in Kisumu are now urging oil dealers to consider utilising the refurbished Kisumu Port to transport their cargo in what could help reduce truck traffic being experienced on the borders of Tanzania and Uganda.

This could also reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, amid soaring numbers among truck drivers and long hours spent at the borders as they undergo testing before clearance.

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According to Mr Edward Odero, the director of Tricon International Limited, using the Kisumu Port at this moment could reduce cases and risk of transmission of coronavirus because there is little contact with the public.

“There will be limited contact and interaction between sailors and crew members operating the vessels as they will remain in the tanker and allow the Ugandan staff to drive locomotives and the products,” Mr Odero, who owns fuel tankers, said.

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He added that crew members will undergo regular testing for Covid-19.

The first fully approved oil tankers were built and launched for operation in October 2003.