The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is reviewing a requirement for all school principals to have a Master’s degree following concerns by Kuppet.

Chief Executive Officer Mrs Nancy Macharia explained that the decision on the requirement followed job evaluation.

But she thanked teachers for their feedback on the matter and said vacancies that were affected will be re-advertised.

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) asked the TSC to withdraw the requirement after it emerged that many teachers did not have the degree.

Secretary-General Akelo Misori said the commission introduced a career progression guideline which did not require a Master’s degree.

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Mrs Macharia noted, however, that a number of  teachers have taken advantage of the liberalisation of higher education in Kenya and obtained academic and professional qualifications beyond the entry requirements.

“The commission commends such teachers for the initiative of obtaining new skills and knowledge. The teaching service, being the foundation of knowledge acquisition, requires its members to go beyond the minimum requirements in terms of training,” she said in a statement.

The TSC boss said they remain committed to supporting government initiatives aimed at quality education for all.

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“The commission will continue exploring alternative modes of curriculum delivery and lobbying for extra funding to address the teacher shortage,” said Mrs Macharia.

She explained that interns are not meant to address the shortage but that the programme will provide an avenue for fresh graduates to gain experience and be mentored.


Mrs Macharia noted that despite challenges, the TSC has seen many improvements in the teaching service.

“We thank teachers for working exceptionally well,” she said, and reported that 16,979 teachers were recruited this year to bridge the staffing shortage.

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The chief executive also noted the recruitment of 10,000 interns who will report to their stations in January.

In addition, she said, 16,113 teachers were promoted this year while 218,283 were trained on the competency-based curriculum.

“The commission is looking forward to negotiating a budgetary allocation for implementation of the CBA so as to improve the terms and conditions of all its employees,” Mrs Macharia said.