Rent payment in the country becomes one of the biggest problems during this Covid-19 pandemic. Statistics show that About one third of Kenyans/30.5 percent of Kenyans could not pay their monthly rent in April this year as the Covid-19 pandemic affected their monthly incomes.

A survey board in the country KNBS did the research and came up with the statistics. According to a survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), 21.5 percent of Kenyans unable to meet the monthly obligation met the charge in a timely manner prior to the virus outbreak in the country.

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The main reason for the households’ inability to pay rent in April was by far reduced income/earnings at 52.9 percent and the temporary loss of jobs at 22.4 percent.

Other reasons quoted for the inability include unemployment at 13.9 percent, and delay in receipt of income at 9.1 percent.

Only 59.8 percent of Kenyans were able to meet their rental payments as per date agreed with landlords during the month.

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Part of Kenyans were however cushioned against the devastation in incomes with 8.7 percent of the surveyed households reporting a waiver/relief from landlords in the period.


Moreover, Kenyans were dealt a further blow in disposable incomes as transport costs soared by 51.7 percent on most frequent routes with Migori County reporting the steepest rise in costs at 77.2 percent.

Walking became the most favored mode of transport to mirror the hardships faced by Kenyans at 32.2 percent ahead of matatus and motorcycles.