Talent is one of the most beneficial and valuable things that God has placed in His own people in a unique and most admirable manner. It may be Singing, Music making, Deejaying, guitar playing, acting and many more.  All of the any imaginable talent pays very well and breaks the poverty chain with the Human beings.

In Kenya talents are becoming the most treasured self-employment creators within its citizens. Many of them making a good go through as others struggle so much to be heard even just on the local Radio.

As it is thought to be so easy but not just recording but the bigger challenge comes in during Marketing and searching for your own audience.

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We have very many reasongs as to why Kenyan Media Houses don’t play Kenyan homemade music of their own.


Many people of course don’t like paying for what they use. Same to the Kenya media houses, they want to use little local content so the expenses may go bit low on payment of what they use. Mcsk has been on the fore front to urge on this since last year the payed artists 2500 shillings for their music usage which is not so ever encouraging

  • Poor Quality
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The quality of music compared to other music makers outside the country is very poor. Just a good example you can’t compare Diamond Platnumz of Tanzania and The ochungulo Family of Kenya thought with good entertaining music but what we ask ourselves is what is Mbigigi imekulwa na ndogi compare with GERE of Diamond ft Tanasha Dona which is played over 10,000 time a day in Kenya

  • Message

Kenyan music has very bad message more so the secular sector. Just to give so few examples what message do we get from Tarimbo, Pigwa Mboko, Nyonya,

They are very misleading songs to the society note that even the CEO KFLB Dr Alfred Mutua has been banning the songs from being air played in the country

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If Kenyan artist will put into consideration all that is required for the to have a high quality music that can be played all over the world, then Kenya is very much talent

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